Too often we fall for the myth that we are only able to innovate during our youth.

As we age, we ignore our imaginative thinking. We allow our innovation and creativity to go dormant. We think that we can’t do much to increase our creative prowess.

So when does our innovation and creativity actually peak?

Everyone has the potential to break new ground, to be more inventive at any age. So why aren’t we more innovative?

Our obstacles to being more innovative are

  1. Believing an early and inaccurate label that frames our brain and robs of our confidence that we are not creative.
  2. Accepting the myth that creativity declines as we age and is best in our youth.
  3. Not exercising the creative epicenters of our brain.

You can jumpstart and exercise your innovative thinking muscles daily. You can mine your innovative potential and become a creative genius.

So where do you start?


Be Bold And Courageous: Driving Results With Innovative Leadership Webinar

Elevate Pre-workshop Webinar on Collaborate To Innovate: The Neuroscience Of Innovation

December 4, 2018, 2:30 pm Eastern

Dee O’Neill, Brain Performance Institute

Then register for the next AGA Elevate Collaborate To Innovate workshop on December 14 at Wynn Encore.

  • For more information about the December 14 authors, facilitators and thought leaders <insert link to Dee O’Neill and Tim Sanders bio page> of Collaborate To Innovate session.
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AGA Elevate: Innovation

Collaborate To Innovate

Dee O’ Neill and Tim Sanders

Friday, December 14, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Wynn Encore

Las Vegas, NV