Paid to THINK

Strategy At The Intersection Of Enterprise Thinking

January 28, 2019
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Tulsa, OK

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Monday, January 28, 2019
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, OK

Join leaders from across the gaming industry, reframe how you plan your strategy with “enterprise thinking” and start getting Paid to THINK!

Paid To Think Workshop Description

Even if you’re considered successful by most standards, you’ve probably wished you had more reliable means of achieving your desired outcomes without the uncertainties and surprises that inevitably sidetrack your best efforts. In today’s world, where challenges come fast and from unexpected sources, you know that you’ve not only got to get things right the first time, but you’ve got to make sure your decisions produce sustainable wins.

In this program – Paid to THINK: Strategy at the Intersection of Enterprise Thinking – you’ll learn powerful, proven and foundational leadership tools that will put your next endeavor on solid ground, accelerating the achievement of its desired outcomes. Discover how to develop the right and best strategies at any given time using an advanced strategizing tool that’s easy to learn, teach to others and apply as soon as you leave the program. Explore the vital role forecasting plays in heading off surprises and gaining competitive wins, from customer loyalty to employee empowerment and everything in between. Gain a new awareness of barriers to your role as a decision maker, bring previously invisible challenges and opportunities into clear view and watch hindrances fall away.

In this program, described by a previous group as a “hurricane to the brain,” you’ll meet David Goldsmith. David is the founder of the Project Moon Hut Foundation, veteran businessperson, global executive consultant, award-winning speaker, and author of Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future. During Paid to THINK in Tulsa, David will share lessons for success from his 30-year business career and consultative work with thousands of decision makers worldwide along with his award-winning New York University teachings to reveal stunning realities and game-changing secrets to driving exceptional results.

Why is Paid To THINK important to your gaming business?

What are the business objectives of Paid to THINK? They are the on-the-job results your company can expect from employees as they apply what they’ve learned from the education program.

Most leaders aren’t born with the innate Midas-touch of Richard Branson, but that doesn’t mean they can’t achieve gold-standard results by learning and honing the right combination of tools and skills! Attendees of this eye-opening and engaging program will walk away with proven tools and simple yet powerful instructions on their implementation that will forever transform how they drive future progress and success.

From this program, casino executives, their leadership teams and external stakeholders in decision-making roles will be able to immediately transform their organization(s), careers and lives in the following ways:

  • Rapidly reach desired outcomes and more accurately hit targeted results in a highly competitive and evolving industry;
  • Accurately identify current and future opportunities that have been otherwise invisible to them;
  • Work with powerfully effective leadership tools that are easy to teach others, quickly and reliably multiplying their benefits throughout organizations;
  • Develop realistic plans that all parties can put on their desks and work from daily to ensure accountability, inform each other of new developments, streamline resources and achieve intended outcomes on time and budget;
  • Make superior decisions from a 50,000-foot perspective to coordinate moving units, locations, departments and/or people with a clear understanding of how actions in one area impact all other components; and
  • Bridge gaps left by traditional planning and forecasting methods, gain clarity through a shared vocabulary (i.e. this is how “strategy” differs from “tactics,” these are the people responsible for “macro tactics” versus those who will perform the day-to-day “tactics,” etc.), work more holistically with improved transparency and leave room for flexibility to improve upon initiatives, projects and daily tasks as additional factors present themselves.

Paid to THINK will ultimately empower attendees to accelerate and achieve success, leading decision makers to “Achieve More, Earn More, and even Live More!”

What’s the difference between business objectives and learning objectives?

Business Objectives

Business objectives are the on-the-job results produced by applying insights learned through the education program. They address the business function they support. They explain how the education program will help the participants’ company and how each participant will perform better. Business objectives should align with the participant company’s business strategy. They explain the benefits of employees attending the learning experience. Business objectives are often written to the executives and supervisors of an organization.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives explain what the participant will learn. They identify the capabilities participants will have by the end of the program. Learning objectives support the business objectives.



After attending this event, you will be able to:

Develop plans that keep projects reliably on budget, on time and that meet desired outcomes;

Incorporate forecasting techniques that expand opportunities, accelerate growth and drive long-term success;

  • Explore specific activities that empower human capital, maximize potential andmake the best use of resources by increasing individual and organizational performance; and

Integrate techniques to gain more frequent buy-in and cooperation from colleagues and stakeholders.

Limited space. Registration includes full-day workshop, continental breakfast and lunch. The first 100 people registered also receive access to David’s Forum, a modern-day digital meeting place where you can glean new brain food from your peers and share your insights with them. You’ll have access to David as well.



Who Will You Meet?

Emerging and front-line leaders building the expertise they need to succeed

Senior and mid-level directors looking to take the next steps in their careers

Executives and decision-makers who drive employer strategy



American Gaming Association (AGA)

Oklahoma State University, Center for Executive and Professional Development

University of Nevada, Reno, Gaming Management

Paid to THINK kicks off a full week of interactive workshops called “Building Business Acumen for Gaming,” hosted by the American Gaming Association, Oklahoma State University Center for Executive and Professional Development and University of Nevada, Reno Gaming Management. Participants will hear about the latest in marketing and business from experts like Paid to THINK’s David Goldsmith and others, including:

  • Casino Marketing Strategies – Mary Loftness, 30-year veteran marketing strategist
  • Decision Making Using Data Analytics – Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, Director of MS in Business Analytics at Oklahoma State University, and Ramesh Sharda, Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Programs at Oklahoma State University
  • Agile Project Management and Emotional Intelligence for Casinos
  • Ted Washington, Assistant General Manager for Walmart Logistics and D. Candidate, and Dr. Alexis Smith-Washington, Assistant Professor of Management at Oklahoma State University
  • Strategy and Tactics – Bringing it All Together – Business Simulation will conclude the program.

To learn more and register for the week’s events, visit online here.



Registration Fees

  • AGA Members: $495 per person
  • General Attendees: $995 per person

Registration Includes

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Actionable and interactive learning
  • Networking opportunities with your peers and competition