Perform Under Pressure

May 2, 2019 | 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas | Las Vegas, NV

Increase your performance and leadership.
Join EI strategists Bill Benjamin and Sara Ross for a full-day workshop on the science and applied principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI).


Who Should Attend?

Commercial casino c-suite executive team leaders that drive people strategy

Senior and mid-level directors responsible for internal customers (employees)

Emerging leaders, front-line leaders, high potentials

Casino teams – groups of three or more to encourage organizational learning and champion changes

Perform Under Pressure


Why Do Smart People Fail?

Why do some people who are otherwise brilliant have trouble managing others and collaborating as part of a team?

It’s not that they lack intelligence or technical skills. What they lack is a critical level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the ability to manage emotions – their own and others’ – under pressure.

In this follow-on to October’s G2E, we explore research into how stress changes brain function and diminishes your ability to focus, think strategically and make decisions. More importantly, we reveal how to overcome those innate responses to work and lead effectively under pressure.

Grounded in research with 12,000 professionals and drawing on insights from the top 10 percent of performers, this workshop delivers techniques, tools and tactics to help you overcome the sabotaging effects of physical or mental distress, think clearly and be a true leader when leadership is needed most.



Benefits to your employees and leaders:

  • Learn neuroscience-based skills to improve decision-making and thinking under any conditions;
  • Develop techniques to effectively manage personal stress responses and the stress responses of others;
  • Inspire effective, positive behaviors by working with others from an EI-informed perspective;
  • Assemble more productive teams that balance inherent strengths and deficits among your employees.



Following this one-day workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define Emotional Intelligence (EI) and recognize its value, personally and professionally;
  • Understand the role that EI plays in leadership potential;
  • Draw on the brain science that drives emotional behavior and apply those findings to your work;
  • Develop personal strategies to skillfully manage emotions under pressure;
  • Practice EI techniques for inspiring and shaping behavior among teams, reports and colleagues.

Space is Limited.

Registration includes the full-day workshop, continental breakfast and lunch. The first 100 people registered will also receive access to the Perform Under Pressure Sustainment Platform following the workshop: a series of short videos, exercises and other resources to refresh, maintain and reinforce the concepts and strategies you’ll learn.

Workshop Fees


per person


per person



Group Registrations & Additional Information

Receive your fourth registration free when registering three participants. Reach out to learn more:
Rachna J. Raniga | Director, Industry Programs
202-552-8902 | rraniga@americangaming.org

Perform Under Pressure


Bill Benjamin

Bill Benjamin’s experience in technology and sales gives him real-world experience in the types of challenges that organizations face today. His analytical background in math and computer science drives him to take a practical and scientific approach to helping people understand how the brain responds under pressure, and how that can help increase leadership and performance.

Sara Ross

Often called on to work with the most senior, technically sophisticated and equally skeptical audiences, Sara Ross is a sought-after speaker, executive coach and lecturer. Having worked with thousands of leaders from across the globe, she specializes in closing that gap by translating the science of emotional intelligence into actionable strategies transforming the way people succeed at work and thrive in life.

Perform Under Pressure